ISTANBUL: Turkish Delight for your Senses


Istanbul has this vibe. This heavy and crazy energy that catches your attention since the very first moment. This captivating magic that seduces your soul into a brand new world built on the treasures of ancient cultures. This world from a different life that has existed before you and that will stay there after you. Just like before and after the Ottoman Empire or the Greeks and Romans. Because there, where you start your journey through Turkey lays a memory of transformation, of dying and being reborn, where the heart of this Cosmopolitan City beats the travelers find adventures and love.

Whatever the path that you decide to follow for exploration or the reason that took you there, it´s easy to start moving from any airport over the spine of the Bosphorus. Direct to Taksim Square. Where your first encounter with Turkish delights happens.

I decided to discover the city through my senses. Offering myself the curiosity of a child to be amazed by the vibrating Turkish culture.


From the imponent Hagia Sophia to the beautiful ancient Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet area has everything to delight your eyes. Topkapi Palace and The Istanbul Archaeology Museums are a must to do, Like the archaeologist near me. It brought a lot of conscious to my mind reading all the history of Istanbul over time. Realizing how many different cultures have been there and how this heredity keeps on the daily life of the mixed society. The famous Grand Bazaar shows a variety of color palettes that persisted in the architecture of the city. It moved me to tears the beauty inside the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum and my heart vibrated to the sunset I contemplated from a ferry through the Bosphorus.

Essential tip: Museum Istanbul pass is an easy more affordable way to visit museums without paying the entrance cost each time. You can decide what kind of card fits your needs depending on prices, days available and the number of museums you want to see. Also, check the art galleries program.


Species smell is in the air in all the corners in Istanbul. The delicious food cooked in homemade restaurants or in the streets may surprise your senses. Turkish people have this amazing taste and creativity to create new recipes mixing different flavors and ingredients every day or keeping the ancient family recipe alive for generations by cooking in traditional Turkish style. Beyond Turkish breakfast and Turkish delight, you must try Turkish doner, seafood barbeque style, Iskender kebap, Künefe dessert, Baklava dessert, Turkish coffee, Mezes, Pide, Simit (it is pastry on the street) and Kumpir baked potato by the Bosphorus.

Essential tip: DO NOT miss the chance to explore the Species Bazaar by Eminönü area or lose yourself in the local market on Sunday. You may see and taste real Turkish fresh food there. Don´t be shy of asking to try cheese variety, olives in a natural organic processed way, local fruit and juices.


Nothing welcomes you better to Istanbul than seagulls. They are everywhere as a sweet reminder that the city is fully rounded by the sea. Seagulls singing are also a perfect guide to the Eminönü area, even if you found yourself suddenly lost in the charming colorful streets, it´s easy to find the way back by just following their sounds. In Taksim, you can enjoy local and foreign street musicians. They play passionated rhythms from all over Turkey attracting the people to dance, sing or just close eyes to feel the flow in their bones. In the Galata Tower area, there are clubs and cafes to feed your ears with good conversation and music.

Essential tip: Istanbul’s cultural life is very rich. They have concerts, parties, theatrical pieces, etc. everywhere. Please check their programs to join any cultural event. You will see banners all over the city announcing concerts and performs.


I believe my body has a memory. It reminds every touch and sensation associating with emotional and psychological states of mind. That´s why after a couple of days exploring the city in my bones, I decided to give myself a rest full of care. As a radical act of self-love, I booked a Tantric Massage session with one of the most famous and professional Male Masseur in Istanbul. It was an authentic spiritual experience that renewed my body to keep on enjoying Turkey. Turkey is well known for Turkish Bath but there are many different options more to try if you are into relaxation. Ferhat Sirin´s massage studio is in Taksim and he guarantees you a massage session that fits your needs with genuine Turkish masculine power energy. A pleasant delight for your mind, body, and soul. His location is in the heart of the city 10 minutes walk to Taksim where the life has high vibration with long pedestrian street loaded with almost whatever you may need and couple minutes walk to Nisantasi where elegance life style appreciated with very well architecture and top quality international brands mostly chosen by celebrities of Istanbul. You may pleasantly spend sometime around before or after the massage session. Taxis and public transport are working 24 hours around the area.

Written by K Esc

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